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Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Kirby, also known as @kirbycool123456, is a Discord user who joined Kirby Gang on November 4, 2023. Kirby uses he/him pronouns and has DMs with many people in Kirby Gang. He is characterized as loving the Central European country "Poland" and claiming to help Kirby himself create his Discord account. As of late December, 2023, he is level 15. He has the special rank "TRUE KIRBY GANG" as he, again, claims to be Kirby. His profile picture showcases a Kirby plush holding a massive gun. Written by Kirby (@kirbycool123456) himself.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Kirby was sleeping under a tree, then, Magolor went on an adventure with him. They went through the interdimensional highway, but got lost. Kirby was transported to a Walmart, and found by the unnamed coowner of this Discord account. The coowner is from Poland, but lives in America, where Kirby went. Kirby was later proven to be omnipresent (everywhere all at once), even in games.

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