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KirbyIsNess is an ex-staff member in the Kirby Gang Discord Server. They use a Windows XP computer[1]. They are from Oklahoma, and they have said that they own multiple gun shops in areas within their state.[1] They have stated multiple times that no, they are not texan, although they are fairly close to Texas.[1] Ness did admit that DragonKirb and ThatOneKirby are texan, however. Another thing that Ness has said is that they've pointed a gun at KirbySSM, who is the owner of the server[1]. They enjoy having games open for arbitrarily long times (sometimes upwards of 12 hours), often not playing them for most of that time.

They're siblings with DragonKirb, They are also friends with WeirdoKirby and ThatOneKirby in real life.

They also helped make the The Suffering Puzzle, and they helped the contestants, frequently chatting in the DM group chat they worked in.

File:HallowIsTexanEquation (KirbySSM Paint).png

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ness's personality is certainly something, although many newer members don't know it because they almost never talk.

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