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SSM's House + Others is the first "town" in KGMC Season 3. It is also called Spawn Town, SSM's House + Friends, SSM's House, SSM's House and Friends, "SSM's House + Friends also known as Miller Grove", Miller Grove, or the similar SSMiller Grove.

Residents[edit | edit source]

The first resident of the town is KirbySSM. He built his house's main floor. DeletyedKirbom then built his basement, which they currently live in. Later on, KirbySSM added a second floor to his house.

Kirange and Mia also live in this town. Their houses are built with wood, and are across from each other, although Mia's house faces towards the river.

Ness is also a resident of the town. His house became the base for the Booper Hotel, which is run by Miamozaki and DeletyedKirbom, in cooperation with SSM Housing.

The office for Homicidal Industries is based in this town. This building is home to HomicidalKirby's office, as well as an office for KirbySSM.

Guthaben has a mine in this town, and is planning on building a McDonalds.

Miamozaki also owns a second house, which was sold to him by SSM Housing.

After the majority of residents left the town (see: Migration), KirbsSSM, Byleth, and R3TR0_1258 made some houses and lived in the town.

Drama[edit | edit source]

This town is no stranger to drama. Recorded instances of drama are as follows:

Almir and Mia were conducting business when DriveSaber accidentally stole the items and was unaware of it and wouldn't give it back. This led Mia to killing him, but they later resolved the misunderstanding

DriveSaber let out Deletyed's Allay, causing them to no longer be a team.

KirbySSM "acquired" Deletyed and DriveSaber's meth lab, after an altercation between the two.

Deletyed blew up KirbsSSM farm and house.

Migration[edit | edit source]

Since the town is so close to spawn, it has consistently been under threat of being robbed or griefed. Many residents of the town decided to move somewhere else. While some chose to live at Jelly's (working title), or chose to live far away, eventually the majority decided to live in SSM Sanctuary. Soon after the majority of the residents left, some of the town's buildings were griefed.

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