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Adeline, also known as Adeline eraSSM, is a member and current helper of Kirby Gang. She has also been called Addie, Addition, Advertisement, Addiction, Algebra, Ado, and Adrenaline.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Adeline likes Kirby, Fire emblem, Avatar the last airbender and Touhou project. Has a strange liking for sonic and all stars racing transformed,women and chess. Afraid of bugs too. Does Daily plant facts and the Kirby gang member quiz. Social neutral. Also has 8 copies of kirby planet robobot.

Proof from the government of Adeline's death

Adeline tragically passed away on November 4th, 2023[1] due to a severe brain injury.[2] Adeline's last words were: "dont worry, its okay"[3]. It is unknown who currently runs the Adeline account, but it was either sold to the highest bidder[4], or potentially is being used by v bucks kirby ssm, due to the insinuation that they are the same person.[5]Adeline has frequently claimed that she is, in fact, still alive, however this is up to interpretation.[6]

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