From Kirby Gang

Not much is known about him.

Mischief is one of the people who used to help moderate the Kirby Gang server. Unfortunately, after May 11th, 2021, they were demoted back to a Regular Kirb. Although they were called by HungryKirby to be "quirkless" (doesn't have personality), they are still a helpful person . Before becoming staff, Mischief was known as "Not Magolor"

They joined Sat, Sep 26, 2020, and lingered for a bit. A while later, when they saw that staff applications were open, they took the swing. After being chosen to be a trial staff with a few other people, they were the only one to become a full helper. Soon after, they started helping people with their new helper powers.

They are active a lot, and like playing games and posting memes. Unfortunately, nobody has asked them to play minecraft yet.

(feel free to edit this at will, I didn't really know that to write -Hungry)

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