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Genocidal Kirby is a fictional character created by KirbySSM. The file name for the image that KirbySSM made to show their likeness is titles "hom1", which shows that Hom must be connected to this in some way. It might also indicate that KirbySSM is bad at file names, which is pretty unlikely due to a few inspirational quotes mentioned in the Suffering Puzzle's group chat.

Written Lore[edit | edit source]

The only confirmed lore of GenocidalKirby, an article and a description of the image, both made by KirbySSM:


Unknown creation date: it seems to seek genocide whenever it's free.

Possible relationship to HomicidalKirby unknown at this time.

Possible genocides created by this creature: Unknown.

We do not know where this creature is currently."

"The only image of this creature taken by SSM Health and Safety (employee who took this picture missing)"

An image of a kirby holding a knife over their head. It has a red hue overlaid over it, and three watermarks that all say "KirbySSM"
The only image of this creature taken by SSM Health and Safety

SHS Article[edit | edit source]

Below is an SHS Article talking about GenocidalKirby. It is unknown how much of this is true.

(SHS = SSM Health & Saftey)

(Article by Epickirbwolf#0955)

Item #: SHS-9151

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SHS-9151 is to be contained in a moderately large discord server, where it is to be given the role of Admin or higher, and with a somewhat active chatroom. SHS-9151 must be fed 3 inside jokes a month, preferably of high quality. If these conditions aren't met, SHS-9151 will immediately leave the server, and delete it if it has the permission to do so.

Description: SHS-9151 is a small, cell like creature, with distinct visual similarities to Kirby, a video-game character. It can regenerate nearly every body part it has, and can duplicate. Despite its structure and behaviour resembling that of a cell, it is 1'3 tall, reaching an average adult male's knee. SHS-9151 is usually seen roaming in cities at night, with an odd preference to the city of Austin, Texas. It approaches other humans and proceeds to stab them to death, then consume them, whereafter it gains the abilities of that who is consumed. After doing so, it runs on a genocidal spree, and almost cuts the population to half its original size, the reasons as to why it does this are unknown as of yet. During these genocidal sprees, SHS-9151 may eject knives out of itself (SHS-9151-A) that seem to have a mind of their own, as their movement patterns are sporadic, yet calculated. SHS-9151-A cannot be contained, and thus their classification is Keter. SHS-9151-A is seemingly unable to do anything without SHS-9151 being in a 3 mile radius of it.

Test #003: SHS-9151 was placed in a discord server with only bots. SHS-9151 proceeded to duplicate itself into 8192 clones of itself, and continued with the server as usual.

Test #072: Dr. Helix used SHS 9151-A to slice up a salad. The fruit was diced incredibly, but Dr. Helix proceeded to pass out from intoxication afterwards.

Addendum #001: SHS-9151 seems to be able to destroy clones of it at any moment, and transform into humans. Several of the staff summoned SHS-9151-A, causing Containment Breach #4207331 -Dr. Dome

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