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Hollow Kirby. also known as SarielKirby, is one of the oldest kirby gang members that is still active. They used to have another account, until it was deleted by discord for unknown reasons. Sans Kirby knows Laniccal irl, and is also on good terms with KirbySSM, being one of his commentators for his twitch channel. Their real name is known by few, and changes their name in sporadic segments. They are a pain to ping and is usually talking to someone. They are now a bit more active on Kirby Gang, and discord in general. They are from California, and have stated that they love the United Kingdom. They use he/him, she/her, or they/them pronouns. They are bigender.

Hollow also goes under Sans, Mega, Lawyer,Sleeping, Ori Kirby(not to be confused with another Ori Kirby) Chandelure Kirby, ssmkirby777 (also shortened to ssm7), Hilda Kirby, and EthyrialKirby777.

More appropriately known as Stickmengames 777

Lore[edit | edit source]

"I have three kirby names that I switch through from time to time

the three are sans kirby sleeping kirby and lawyer kirby

the first part is sans kirby

so I was just a regular kirby walking

and I fell into mountain

basically the beginning of undertale until me met sans

me and sans were great friends

until I ate him

on accident

then I became sans kirby

ok now sleeping kirby

sans kirby when he goes to sleep

lawyer kirby

when sans kirby becomes a lawyer"

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