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So you want to make an article about a Kirby Gang related anything, well follow these few guidelines or else your page may be orphaned, deleted, or completely forgetten except for someone clicking random page.

Mediawiki pros use the source editor

Good wiki tips/etiquette[edit source]

  • Make an account so you don't have to leak your IP and won't lose your contributions and talk page.
  • The source editor is considered more powerful than the visual editor, so you may want to consider using it if you’re comfortable with it
  • If you leave a message on another user's talk page be sure to sign it with ~~~~.
  • Please do not leave messages on a page, use the talk page or the comments instead.

File etiquette[edit source]

  • Don't upload files to the server just to never use them.
  • Use the file replace tool instead of uploading dupes to the server.
  • Don't delete files without anything to replace them with.
  • Add proper descriptions to files

When creating a page[edit source]

  • If you are creating a type of page please add it to its respective portal so it will be discoverable.
    • Portals are alphabetical don't just put things randomly.
    • If the portal does not exist/exactly match what you need, make it yourself, or message a more established user for help.
  • Be sure to add respective categories to a page.
  • Add the article to a disambiguation page if applicable.
  • Link your article on other pages or else your page could become an Orphan

When writing a page[edit source]

  • Use pictures, quotes, and infoboxes in your article. Nothing is worse than page of nothing but basic text and a picture speaks 1000 words.
  • Make a proper effort to use [[pipes]] and [links] they make your article more dynamic.
  • Templates are your friend, so use them. If you need a template but it doesn't exist create it or ask a more established user.
  • Leave redlinks where you think there is a good opportunity for a page but don't be surprised if it gets cleaned up if it sits around too long.
  • Avoid having your page becoming a stub by having a good amount of content.
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