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PastelDeFeira, AKA Kirrby is a member of the server that is mostly no longer active. Although his activity has not been prominent, he did have some involvement previously, most notably having contributed to POTD.

Some may think Kirrby founded the Kirby Gang Wiki, but that is incorrect. While Kirrby was planning on making a Kirby Gang Wiki (on FANDOM), someone else beat him to the punch. Despite this, Kirrby created many of the first pages on the new Kirby Gang Wiki.

The only major thing known is that they originate form Brazil. They are known in the server for being a bit annoying, repetitive and kinda unfunny. They have participated in season 2, and their team is Marx Maniacs. They like sports and Metal music.

They've suggested time zone roles and posted a few too many memes about event hoster apps. They were placed 3rd in the Kirb Beginnings smash tournament. Kirrby, in the past, frequently posted things on r/KirbyGang. Kirrby joined December 21st, 2020, via Disboard. His name has always been Kirrby because "One of my friends pronounced Kirby as Kirrby (keer-bee) so I went hippitty hoppitty your mistake is now my property."

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