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Koorb is an emoji in Kirby Gang. The emoji was added on 06/15/20[1], and since then many variations of the emoji have been created, such as CoolKoorb, SadKoorb, and KoorbFlushed.

Drug Lord Koorb[2][edit | edit source]

Koorb was a drug lord in france in the 1960’s. Charged with several accounts of murder, illegal drug usage, kidnapping, bombings, death threats, and regicide, he was put in the guillotine. The executioners failed to find where his head was, or if his body was entirely his head, so they stabbed him several times, not knowing where his vital organs were.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After they were sure he was dead, they sent him to Meta Laboratories , where they used his dead body to discover how kirbs worked, their anatomy, and if their powers are supernatural or not. They found out all of this data, and decided to make a super weapon to destroy their enemies: Poyo Science. The weapon was a failure because of koorbs demolished state with all the drugs he took, all the stab wounds he had, and his birth defects. Meta Laboratories was immediately shut down after their attempt at destroying their opponent’s base, and the leader of the operation was sentenced to death.


Koorbs death meant that the entirety of Popstar now knew kirbs existed, and this head started world war 1, the battle against the monstrous but outnumbered kirbs and the weak but ultimately in a better position civilians of popstar.

Koorb as a species[edit | edit source]

Besides the drug lord, there are many other "koorbs" out there. When a group of koorbs feel threatened, they may form a "C" formation[3], but if they become attacked, they form an "I". [4] This is because the I formation is able to protect their members, acting as a shield. The only death of a koorb during a shield formation was in 1996, due to the koorb not making it to the shield in time.[5]

Koorb's main attack is known as the Mass Attack, where they group in 4s around different portions of the battlefield, and proceed to repeatedly slap their opponent. This is said to be very efficient, as the koorbs are able to coordinate their members very efficiently.[6]

There exists a rumor that an entity known as "KoorbSSM" exists,[7] but no sightings of the creature are known at this time.

Cool Koorb[edit | edit source]

During the year 1968, a koorb attempted to fight the drug lord known simply as "the koorb". While he failed, the french drug lord decided to spare him, giving him the nickname "cool koorb".[8] Cool Koorb would later become an efficient assassin, being able to efficiently take out his targets. He would also later develop the ability to reflect bullets.

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