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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Navbar/configuration/doc

return {
	['templatestyles'] = 'Module:Navbar/styles.css',
	['hlist_templatestyles'] = 'Hlist/styles.css',
	['box_text'] = 'This box: ',			-- default text box when not plain or mini
	['title_namespace'] = 'Template',		-- namespace to default to for title
	['invalid_title'] = 'Invalid title ',
	['classes'] = { -- set a line to nil if you don't want it
		['navbar'] = 'navbar',
		['plainlinks'] = 'plainlinks', -- plainlinks
		['horizontal_list'] = 'hlist', -- horizontal list class
		['mini'] = 'navbar-mini', -- class indicating small links in the navbar
		['this_box'] = 'navbar-boxtext',
		['brackets'] = 'navbar-brackets',
		-- 'collapsible' is the key for a class to indicate the navbar is
		-- setting up the collapsible element in addition to the normal
		-- navbar.
		['collapsible'] = 'navbar-collapse',
		['collapsible_title_mini'] = 'navbar-ct-mini',
		['collapsible_title_full'] = 'navbar-ct-full'
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