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Morpekorby is a member of kirby gang :D

lore :D[edit | edit source]

Morpekorby is the current ruler of the planet of "Morpekorbyland" many consider this planet to be a mere island or amusement park but they are blind to the truth.

Morpekorby has 7052 dates, who they killed to get a 7052-kill streak, before burying them in 7052 graves. They are also born in the year 7052 B.C.E. They have 7052 kids and owe $7052 in child support.

They have a twin brother who is cooler than them

Morpekorby has many different forms which they change by will (whenever they feel like it)

In the fruit war morpekorby was a leader in team oramon due to orignally being the leader of team lemon

Identity theft[edit | edit source]

morpekorby is known for stealing identities of others these include:

thicc.kirby --> thin.kirb

deletyed --> installed-sms/installed-dededefuser/installed-mms

hydro homie fresh --> hydro enemy stale

stabbynarwhal --> bludgeoning-whale

frank --> François

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