SHS File 1: Poyo Buddies

From Kirby Gang



[Begin File]

The "Poyo Buddies" appear to be some sort of friendship between [MiamozakiKirb] and [HungryKirby]. The duo started when [MiamozakiKirb] and [HungryKirby] encouraged each other to pass their respective opponents in the [Kirby Gang Leaderboard].


Logs indicate a massive revival of the Poyo Buddies, after a conversation between [KirbySSM], [MiamozakiKirb], and [HungryKirby], taken place in #booster-general. It seems #booster-general became a sort of Poyo Buddy gathering ground for some time after this


Not too long after, records indicate multiple people identifying as a "Poyo Buddy". [HungryKirby] appeared to try and contain these so called "Poyo Impostors", but he was not successful. The Poyo Buddies were being overtaken by the outsiders.


The end of the Poyo Buddies occurred on 3/15/21 . Despite our records indicating [MiamozakiKirb] causing the divorce by insulting [HungryKirby], the public seems to have believed [HomicidalKirby] was the culprit. Despite this confusion, it was clear to both buddies that the friendship was over, and what remained was simply "Poyo Impostors"

SSM Health & Safety is still attempting to confirm [HungryKirby]'s life status, despite rumors that he may have been ran over.


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