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The SSM Revolution was a secretive group made by KirbyIsNess in attempt to take down KirbySSM. It took place during Season 1. The group ultimately failed at achieving its goals, and KirbySSM ended up demolishing the group and its members. The group members consisted of KirbyIsNess, HomicidalKirby, MiaKirb, TheButteryKirb, DragonKirb, and SarielKirby777.

A devastating attack against KirbySSM by HomicidalKirby during the SSM Revolution

Foundation[edit | edit source]

Reasons[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM was an incredibly powerful being in Season 1. Being the only person with (almost) full enchanted netherite armor, and a very powerful sword, KirbySSM was heavily feared. KirbySSM frequently messed with everyone, and manipulated situations to his advantage. He was also the richest player in the season.

Goals[edit | edit source]

The group had the following goals:

  1. Kill KirbySSM (main goal)
  2. Protect from KirbySSM (secondary goal)
  3. Create a new town away from KirbySSM (fail-safe)

The group never made any attempt to do any of these goals, although they did discuss in great length about accomplishing these goals.

Events[edit | edit source]

The SSM Revolution group did not end up taking any direct actions against KirbySSM. However, many different things ended up happening because of the SSM Revolution and the tensions it created.

Threat of Arson at LoganFunFusion's base[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM threatened to burn down LoganFunFusion's treehouse, after KirbyIsNess put a money bounty on him. Bounties in Season 1 allowed the bountied player to be tracked, and gave the monetary award to whoever killed the bountied player. KirbyIsNess took the bounty off of KirbySSM, and the treehouse lived another day. This event incentivized KirbyIsNess to further plan out the revolution.

HomicidalKirby Death[edit | edit source]

HomicidalKirby became extremely paranoid that KirbySSM was going to kill him, despite KirbySSM having no plans to do such. He believed this because he did not want to buy KirbySSM's iron set, which he was looking to sell. Because of HomicidalKirby's paranoia, he did not join the server while KirbySSM was online. KirbySSM eventually decided to actually kill HomicidalKirby, after being annoyed that HomicidalKirby constantly believed he was about to be killed. This led to KirbySSM trapping HomicidalKirby's log out spot with lava, causing him to lose all of his items, and also validatating HomicidalKirby's paranoia. Relations between the two settled after this event.

Explosion of KirbyIsNess's Base[edit | edit source]

KirbyIsNess's whole base was exploded, after a new member pressed a "useless" button that was wired to TNT by KirbySSM. The button was previously present, but after the tensions the SSM Revolution caused, KirbySSM decided to make the button into a self destruct button. KirbySSM faced no blame for this explosion, and instead the blame fell on the new player, even though some suspected that the TNT was placed by KirbySSM. This event also inadvertently led to the SSM Revolution's end, as the group chat was leaked when TheButteryKirb accidentally sent a screenshot of the group chat, and the explosion ended the group member's alliance.

Relations[edit | edit source]

While in the beginning, the SSM Revolution was united in its goal to kill KirbySSM, relations between the members slowly withered away. After KirbyIsNess's base was supposedly exploded by a new player, KirbyIsNess wanted to kick all members who were supporting said person. MiamozakiKirb, on the other hand, wanted to protect the new player. Even though KirbyIsNess relented, the group chat was accidentally leaked by TheButteryKirb.

Relations later stabilized between KirbySSM and MiaKirb, HomicidalKirby, and TheButteryKirb. However, relations between KirbySSM and KirbyIsNess and DragonKirb remained neutral or negative throughout the season. SarielKirby777 was not active on Kirby Gang MC, and so it is unknown what the relation between the two would have been.

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