Season 0

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Season 0 is a relatively unknown season that took place before the KirbyGang MC server existed. Instead of being a Minehut server, it was hosted on Aternos, and had to be manually started. It ran on version 1.14.4, and was also a semi-private server. This season started the trend of using polls to decide decisions. The IP of this server was "" in contrast to KGMC's IP of "" (at the time, it was

The server was started after members of Kirby Gang wanted a survival Minecraft server. After a vote, it was decided only members of True Kirby Gang (those who had a Kirby pfp and Kirby name in the server) would be allowed in. This rule persisted until Season 3 of KGMC, when the server was finally opened to all members of Kirby Gang, after the server finally started using its own host.

The server was java exclusive, which excluded many Kirby Gang members from playing. This was a central reason for moving away from Season 0 and Aternos. When KirbySSM discovered GeyserMC, at the time a smaller project, he decided to start the new server of what is now known as Season 1. since at the time Aternos did not support GeyserMC at the time, along with Aternos being harder to start the server, the new server was to be hosted on Minehut. While GeyserMC at this time had some limitations (such as bedrock users not being able to use enchanting tables), it provided a way for the bedrock users of Kirby Gang and the java users of Kirby Gang to play on the same server, an idea that continues throughout the seasons.

Season 0 and Season 1 co-existed at the same time for a little bit, with Season 0 having had more unique players ever joining it. However, Season 1's server was consistently more active, and its unique player count eventually surpassed Season 0. Season 0 became inactive to the point where Season 0 was shut down in favor of focusing on the new server, which is where Kirby Gang MC's lore mostly starts.

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