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stfu steve noone likes you


— Moose 11/11/23

You disgust me Steve


— Serrgek 10/20/23

oh i forgot steve is a real person here


— KirbySSM 10/19/23

steve chappelle was bioengineered in a lab to have strong opinions on every topic


— KirbySSM 10/04/23

steve the most negative person in the world


— KirbySSM 9/14/23

"I don't use discord"
Steve Chappelle

Steve Chappelle is a regular member in Kirby Gang who spends 100% of his time posting rage bait, arguing, hating, or being a douche. He can be found in #Kirby-General sperging about how Squeak Squad is the best Kirby game and how its an underrated classic or feuding with Deleyted about whatever stupid shit came up that day. Steve has no interests or likes and only enjoys Half-Life 1 by VALVe and Peggle by Pop-Cap.

Kirby Gang Alignment Chart[edit | edit source]

Steve made the Kirby Gang Alignment Chart

Kirby Gang Original Memes[edit | edit source]

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