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"My birth given name is butter, please refer to me as "Butter","Sir Butter","Buttery", or "Buttery Kirb." If you call me Burger or Celestial, I am going to block you. If I ever call my self "Burger" or "Celestial", please block me immediately for I would be insane for calling my self those hideous names If you see anyone refer to me as one of those names, please correct them and tell them my name is Butter. I love sonic and all his games, especially sonic 06. I also love when people say "Ok Butter," so please do more of that.

Sincerely, ButteryKirb"

-Butter50 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Butter is a retired staff member in Kirby Gang. He used to constantly fight with Ness, but are now friends. He is on good terms with KirbySSM, who is the reason he is currently known as butter.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"I am kirby, my story is that i was walking on the streets when i saw this old burger king crown, i wore it, and i was made fun of. i colored it with a yellow marker and put c for celestial. they thought i was king, and they call me the celestial kirb, the end. Moral of the story? i'm wearing a burger king crown that i just colored"

Butter's original name was "TheCelestialKirb". One day, we opened up the #kirbgang-lore channel, and Butter gave context on his crown. He said it was from Burger King, so I called him "BurgerKingKirb". He changed his nickname to that, and everyone called him "Burger". Later, I wanted to tell him something. so I said "Burger" but it autocorrected to "Buttery". This became a joke for that one time, but it was pretty small. It wasn't until I made an image that shows sonic saying "ok butter" and told people to use it when butter says weird things, that the meme got very popular. Every time butter said something weird, people would use the sonic image or say "ok butter." Eventually, people just said ok butter to anything Butter said. This made Butter hate "butter" and anyone referring to him as Butter. Later, Butter was making a Java account and told everyone that if someone pays him $1k in the kirbygangmc economy he will make his account have butter in it. No one budged, so he made it Celestial50. Some time later, I told butter I would pay him $1k to change his discord name to Butter, his nickname to Butter, and his minecraft name to Butter. I also wanted him to say that message I sent above. He agreed. and now he is known as Butter (he also loves sonic) He also isn't allowed to disagree with that message he sent.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Butter knows many things the average 13 year old shouldn't know
  • Butter was born on March 5
  • Butter had never played a Kirby game until 2018 with the release of Nintendo Switch Online
  • Butter's favorite video game is Sonic 06
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