The Roaming Wither

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The Birth of The Wither[edit | edit source]

The Roaming Wither was a wither which was wandering around near towns during Season 1. This wither came to be once HungryKirby and TheButteryKirb decided to try and take it on. They summoned the wither in Bandana Valley/Mount Poyo thinking they could take it on. Unfortunately, they could not and ended up ruining the landscape of Bandana Valley, making the town nicknamed Wither Wastelands.

The Consequences[edit | edit source]

Both TheButteryKirb and HungryKirby were blamed for everything the wither did as they did not kill it. This was one of the main reasons HungryKirby was banned from stepping foot in Marx Mountains. The Wither often roamed because it sensed people mining or just exploring. This area it was roaming in was very close to Marx Mountains, a popular town, which could be very troublesome for Marx Mountains if the wither were to pay it a visit.

Overtime many people went to challenge the wither but failed and lost everything they took to the fight. The only people to ever kill any wither in Season 1 were gangslimejit and KirbySSM, the most OP members of the server. Even this took heavy cooperation.

HyperLabs Involvement[edit | edit source]

HyperLabs took advantage of the chaos and somehow named the wither, "The H was a warning". This was following many terrorist attacks by this mysterious group. causing some panic among the people.

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