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youre so smart for disliking a game with obvious game design issues but also im smarter for liking it its called autism


— Thicc.Kirb 8/24/23

thicc.kirb is a very active member obsessed with XP. They have no preferred pronouns. They previously lived in a timezone 9 and a half hours apart from EST, causing thicc.kirb to not with the others much. That's why they previously missed out on events. Thicc previously mainly talked to Malwareq (known as Miracle Matter at the time), Epickirbwolf, HungryKirby and Guthaben, since the timezone difference made it hard to see other members. This changed when thicc.kirb reportedly moved to Canada.

File:Thicc's usually used PFP.jpg
Thicc's usually used PFP

XP[edit | edit source]

Thicc is known for having an insane desire for XP. They used #kirby-spam to farm XP everyday. Their original goal was rank 8. After Thicc reached rank 8 they decided to go even further. And so they reached the top 5.

Thicc vs Hungry[edit | edit source]

After Thicc reached rank 4 they aimed for rank 3. And after some time they were really close to rank 3, HungryKirby. Hungry was scared to lose their rank and a war broke out. Hungry talked way more than before to get more XP, but it wasn't enough XP to get a good lead over Thicc. Thicc got XP way faster than Hungry and even though Hungry had a 100k lead, Thicc was gaining tons of XP everyday. But something happened when Thicc was about to pass Hungry. XP was disabled in #Kirby-spam. So Thicc now had to talk to get XP, which is difficult because when Thicc wakes up most of the active EST members go to bed. Even with that obstacle Thicc still got more XP and managed to pass Hungry and take rank 3. The around 500k xp thicc.kirb gained from #kirby-spam allowed them to clear away the lead between them and KirbySSM. Combined with sending more messages than KirbySSM, thicc.kirb eventually obtained rank #1 on the Kirby Gang leaderboard, putting KirbySSM in rank 2. Thicc.kirb inevitably lost the rank on March 8th, 2024 to KirbySSM

Events[edit | edit source]

Although Thicc is usually unable to participate in game events, they have been able to participate in two major non-game events, and ended up winning in one of them. (if someone can add this that would be cool -Hungry)

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