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O wow[edit source]

I came from Kirby Encyclopedia, what is this place? Bawitdaba (talk) 19:43, July 31, 2022 (UTC)

Hey! This is a wiki for the Kirby Gang Minecraft server. The minecraft server itself doesn’t have much to do with Kirby, it’s just the minecraft server for my actual Kirby discord, Kirby Gang. User:KirbySSM

File Request[edit source]

Hey SSM can you please upload the Team Treat and Team Trick icons to the wiki's file server, I was working on an article and I don't know where you sourced them from, please and thank you. SSSteve (talk) 22:49, December 20, 2023 (UTC)

Done KirbySSM (talk) 21:11, December 24, 2023 (UTC)

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