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3am trolling (gone wrong), also known as trolling (gone wrong), is a war during Season 3 of Kirby Gang MC. The war is between ShadowKirbyTrolling, TiredKirb, and Seek, vs. DriveSaber. thicc.kirb, and Deletyed. It originated between a conflict between TiredKirb and Deletyed, with the tipping point happening when Deletyed blew up TiredKirb and ShadowKirbyTrolling’s villagers and broke the group’s iron farm.

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Explosion of Front Yard[edit | edit source]

The "Meeting Room"

The conflict between TiredKirb and Deletyed started on 6/28/23, when the front of Deletyed’s base was blown up via a Sculk Sensor trap. After a quick “Emergency Meeting”, the suspects was narrowed down to MiaKirb and TiredKirb. Since MiaKirb lacked a direct motive, Deletyed assumed TiredKirb set up the trap. Immediately afterwards, Deletyed murdered and stole TiredKirb’s belongings, which included all their armor, as well as some netherite.

Void Death[edit | edit source]

TiredKirb attempted to make amends, but it was to no avail. After they rekilled the ender dragon, Deletyed, DriveSaber, and thicc.kirb explored the end cities. Soon, they were joined by KirbySSM and Tired Kirb, despite these two already having elytras. The group explored together, even creating the island known as TiredDlethicc IslandSSMaber.tk[1] on one of the end islands. This peace did not last for long, however. While TiredKirb was bridging, Deletyed used a crossbow to hit them off. This admittedly made TiredKirb pretty upset, since she lost her elytra, as well as her full diamond armor. However, TiredKirb still sought peace afterwards.

The Final Straw[edit | edit source]

The conflict finally reached a tipping point, after thicc.kirb and Deletyed stole from TiredKirb and ShadowKirbyTrolling’s base and burned all their iron, eventually boiling over when Deletyed blew up TiredKirb and ShadowKirbyTrolling’s villagers, stole their nether wart[2], and destroyed their iron farm. ShadowKirbyTrolling originally tried to keep the peace, but soon changed their mind after a creeper, led by Deletyed, destroyed all of their villagers.

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