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Just like everyone, KirbySSM's role and personality are exaggerated for comedic effect and to make the server more interesting.

KirbySSM is the sole admin of KirbyGangMC. He does not use his admin for abusive purposes, and plays like a regular player.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM to many was the leader and overlord of season 1. He was considered "unstoppable" by many, and no one dared to attack him.

Beginning Ages[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM was part of the beginning ages (obviously), when it was only HomicidalKirby, TheButteryKirb, and himself online. (referred to as Hom and Butter)

While HomicidalKirby and TheButteryKirb grouped up, KirbySSM made a secret base in a ravine, where he grinded to full diamond enchanted, although he didn't use it. SSM saved this armor, and would use Iron Armor while communicating with Hom and Butter. KirbySSM would play off Butter and Hom, using any conflict between the two to his advantage. For example, when Butter was threatening to murder Hom's dogs, KirbySSM decided to offer protection of Hom's Dogs to get on Hom's good side. Eventually, Butter killed many of Hom's dogs and ran far away, causing Homicidal to pay KirbySSM to track him down and kill him. This caused KirbySSM to earn one of his many titles, "The Hit Man"

Later, Hom and Butter moved away from spawn, causing SSM to follow. This new area, now deemed "The Silverfish lands," was the start of the transition to "the poyoshima era"

In "The Silverfish lands," not much happened. The only thing noteworthy was HomicidalKirby getting harrased by silverfish, KirbySSM convincing HomicidalKirby to blow up TheButteryKirb's base, and what is known as the "forgotten KirbySSM base" being made. At this point, the silverfish become so much of a nuisance that HomicidalKirby was willing to blow up TheButteryKirb’s base, obviously instigated by KirbySSM. While HomicidalKirby was the one who pressed the button and would take the blame, truly KirbySSM was the one who obtained the TNT and encouraged HomicidalKirby to do it.

Soon after, HomicidalKirby and TheButteryKirb moved out of the silverfish lands, due to HomicidalKirby still getting spammed killed by silverfish and TheButteryKirb's base being exploded. It is unknown who exactly found it, but HomicidalKirby, TheButteryKirb, and KirbySSM moved to present-day Poyoshima. Right when they moved, MiaKirb joined for the first time, finally bringing the server to more than just the trio. This begins "The Poyoshima Era"

Poyoshima Era[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM was one of the founding members of PoyoShima, the other two being TheButteryKirb and HomicidalKirby. KirbySSM, after learning butter's least favorite color was yellow, added yellow carpet everywhere in butter's house. KirbySSM commissioned MiaKirb to create a base on the shore, which MiaKirb accepted. This became KirbySSM’s main base, outside of his secret base, until Marx Mountains was built MiaKirb spent an awfully long time building this base for KirbySSM, and was quite saddened when everyone later moved to Mount Poyo/Bandana Valley.

SSM Revolution[edit | edit source]

Main Article: SSM Revolution

The large imbalance of power led to KirbySSM to start to power creep.

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Season 1.5[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM, right at the start of Season 1.5, killed HungryKirby, MiaKirb, and HomicidalKirby. He, then, got killed by HungryKirby, who then got killed by MiaKirb. After this, it appears KirbySSM went somewhere, and no one knew where he was afterwards. KirbySSM later went to the nether, created full enchanted netherite armor, and was the one who beat the ender dragon. He also obtained an elytra. Other than that, not much is known. KirbySSM also seemed to enjoy killing people for no specific reason.

KirbySSM spotted the first H, the telltale sign of HyperLabs, of Season 1.5 at a Guthaben’s grave. KirbySSM seemed to had been working to try and find out who did this. Later, KirbySSM showed off his power, robbing HomicidalKirby at sword-point. KirbySSM did not pick a side in the hyped but truly nothing Ness V Hungry war.

KirbySSM had a base in Frosty Roads, a house built for him in WasabiVille, and presumably a secret base somewhere else. While he created the Frosty Roads town, KirbySSM did not play a huge part in enforcing any type of laws, a stark contrast to SSM Global Justice from Season 1 or the branding of HungryKirby as a criminal.

KirbySSM founded the town Frosty Roads, a town which required payment to live in. Unlike Marx Mountains, this town was invite only, even having a wall surrounding it. This made it have less bases compared to other towns of this season, but served to protect it from griefing. KirbySSM also obtained every music disc in this season.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM was a central figure in Season 3. Making his base near spawn, KirbySSM inadvertently founded SSM's House + Others, becoming a leading figure of the town despite attempting to start an election for alternative leaders. SSM declined all alliance offers, but allowed Deletyed, and later ShadowKirbyTrolling to live in his basement. He was often at odds with multiple figures, including Seek/NewBasket, DriveSaber (at times), and anyone who seemed to steal from his base or overstepped by going into the "Restricted Area". KirbySSM became the owner of DriveSaber and Deletyed's Meth Lab, (later renamed to KirbySSM’s Lab) although he did not do much besides occasionally rename the sign. KirbySSM later founded SSM Shores, and SSM Sanctuary. While it is unknown what the purpose of SSM Shores was, SSM Sanctuary formed to be a more protected town, away from spawn and SSM's House + Others. KirbySSM created and enforced a rule of no conflict within the SSM Sanctuary area. The town housed KirbySSM's sky base, as well as the houses of others. KirbySSM remained neutral in the 3am trolling (gone wrong) war, and as such did not receive any harm from either side, although its possible that some of the traps could have killed him.

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