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"Everyone is secretly DriveSaber. Even before DriveSaber joined, they were still DriveSaber. You can not escape DriveSaber."


—DrivebySSM, 04/28/22


DriveSaber is an active member of Kirby Gang. Joining on February 18th 2022, DriveSaber is now rank 23 on the Kirby Gang leaderboard.

Lore[edit | edit source]

DriveSaber is the creator of Beat Saber[2]. KirbySSM witnessed DriveSaber's birth[3], which also somehow plays into the Equation of Life[4]. DriveSaber is part of Team Oramon in The Fruit Wars. Despite DriveSaber being depicted as a Kirby Mouthful Car, he seems to not have the ability to revert back to Kirby form.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His birthday is on December 4th[5]
    • Apparently he was born in the year 1992[6], making him 30 by the year 2022
    • Though this may not relate to his actual age as "Kirbys" could age in a different way to humans
  • DriveSaber is a 1992 Honda NSX[7]
  • DriveSaber likes Magical Girl shows (not surprised tbh)
  • The name "DriveSaber" comes from mashing up the words "Drive" and "Saber".
    • The "Drive" part comes from the show "Kamen Rider Drive" while the "Saber" part comes from the show "Kamen Rider Saber".
    • Apparently the word "Build" was also going to be apart of DriveSaber's name, but he decided to not include it in the end[8]
  • DriveSaber has a half-brother and half-sister
    • He is also an actual uncle in real life[9]
  • DriveSaber has an unidentified amount of sabers
  • DriveSaber likes to be in garages given him being a car
  • DriveSaber is apparently always right[10]
  • Hi! It's me DriveSaber! There is no fact here, I just want to wish you a good day!
  • DriveSaber once had a crush on a girl when he was in First Grade[11]
  • DriveSaber has been to about 11 States as of 2022[12]
  • DriveSaber is wanted in all 50 States[13]

References[edit | edit source]

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