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The Fruit Wars are a conflict between different fruit-themed factions for the ultimate goal of obtaining the Golden Fruit. This fruit is mixed in with the “unfathomable” amount of Mangoes on Mango Island, and has the ability of granting whoever eats it Trial Kirby Helper, which is what motivates the conflict.

All Main Teams:[edit | edit source]

Team Oramon:[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: We defeat the bananas

And also choose who gets the golden fruit...

But mainly stopping Team Banana from getting obsessed with power -From DriveSaber

Also, there was a Team Apple that ended up joining with Team Orange.

o   Weapon: Sword if a member likes oranges, bow and arrows if a member likes lemons, or axe if a member likes apples (what makes this weapon special is that, if member likes red apples, the axe is colored red, but if a member likes green apples, the axe is colored green).

o   Known Members: breadkirb (who ended the war with his death), Lexsauce, DriveSaber, Morpekorby with kirby + morpeko, Arnie D, KirbyPlayz, Banana Kirby

Team Banana:[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: Initially, Team Banana was a rival to Team Orange (back when they and Team Lemon were separate teams and all of the teams fought in lower-stake battles unrelated to the Golden Fruit), but Team Banana’s increasing power-hunger and meanness forced Team Orange and Team Lemon to merge to become Team Oramon.

o   Weapon: Spear

o   Known Members: It is currently unknown who are the members of this team[1], but as of now, Team Banana is in hiding, waiting for Team Oramon’s capabilities to weaken or for a perfect opportunity to restart the Fruit War, whichever comes first…

Team Melon:[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: Despite the team’s name, members of Team Melon like either melons or grapes, because since “they see themselves as brothers”, Team Grape and Team Melon merged into one super-group.

o   Weapon: Shield if a member likes melons, or gun if a member likes grapes.

o  Known Members: Marx, Adeleine

Team Mango:[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: Not much is known about this team’s agenda, other than that their leader is the president and owner of Mango Island, but there are rumors that they knew of the Golden Fruit before the other teams and that those that are considered ‘threats’ to Mango Island never appear again…

o   Weapon: Hammer

o   Known Members: KirbySSM, OATMEAL CORPES

The Mercenary Teams:[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: Due to their smaller numbers, Team Strawberry, Team Pear, Team Watermelon, Team Pineapple, Team Kiwi, Team Blueberry, Team Peach, and Team Cherry figured that the best way to get the Golden Fruit is to sell their bodyguard services to the main teams.

o  Weapon: Kunai if a member likes strawberries, mace if a member likes pears, a giant metal watermelon to roll around in if a member likes watermelons, flail if a member likes pineapples, duo saw blades if a member likes kiwis, but the weapons for members who like blueberries, peaches or cherries are currently unknown

o  Known Members: N/A, however there’s a rumor that the mercenary teams are led by Team Tomato, who’s leader is a pilot…

Team Carrot[edit | edit source]

o  Goal: Much like Team Oramon, Team Carrot also wishes to prevent Team Banana from getting power-hungry and plans on teaming up with Oramon.

o   Weapon: Javelin

o   Known Members: N/A

Team Cabbage[edit | edit source]

o   Goal: The rival team to Team Banana, they too wish to claim the Golden Fruit for themselves through whatever means necessary.

o   Weapon: Knife

o   Known Members: N/A

[1] “banana team is just that trash”, Mopekorby

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