DriveSaber Vegas Arc

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future historians researching the drivesaber vegas arc - KirbySSM[1]

On July 1st, 2022, DriveSaber announced that he would be traveling to Las Vegas very soon.[2] It's unknown when exactly and for how long DriveSaber stayed in Vegas, but on the 21st of July, he did briefly talk in the server once while he was there. On the same day, he bought a Kirby plush from the store GameStop[3] and even saw the animated show "The Spectacular Spider-Man" in the Anime section at Walmart[4]. Also, the rapper known as DaBaby was performing in Vegas a few days after DriveSaber (thankfully) left.[5]. The exact reasoning for why DriveSaber only spoke once during his whole trip was, according to him, because his hotel required him to pay for WiFi.[6] Once he got back from Vegas, on the 27th of July, he talked about his experience, stating how the Vegas Strip at night is "wild"[7].

"The Vegas Strip at night is wild tho. There were women in festival outfits asking if you wanted to take photos with them, some dude was making stuff out of bamboo, there were two girls in cop outfits with a whip. There was even Olaf and Bumblebee. There was also some people who were selling those fake minecraft swords and stuff and we even saw some people who had signs talking about a certain government. Well it only happens at night in the day it's pretty boring. And hot."

"My plane ride getting there was also kind crazy. Our plane had to get towed to some other station and we had to stop to let medics on board because something happened to a child who was apart of Make a Wish. Pretty sure the dude who was sitting with us was watching One Piece too. But the Mountains were really beautiful and stuff."

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