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what happens in vegas, stays in vegas - KirbySSM[1]

Las Vegas (US: /lɑːsˈveɪɡəs/; Spanish for "The Meadows"), often known simply as Vegas, is the 25th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.[2] Las Vegas is a popular location in Kirby Gang, being mentioned quite often by KirbySSM and DriveSaber.

History[edit | edit source]

Poker Night is born[edit | edit source]

Discord creates Activities, mini games on Discord. The first one created is Poker Night. KirbySSM, apparently being skilled in poker, challenges many people to games of poker, leaving the table with a profit every single time. People start awaiting the next Poker Night sessions with KirbySSM. KirbySSM starts hosting his own private voice channels via booster private rooms, often playing Poker Night in them.

KirbySSM gets a reputation for inviting people to voicechat, only to win all their Poker Night chips. While KirbySSM played a variety of players, he also played people who did not know how to play poker at all, assumingly to gain even more Poker Night chips. As KirbySSM continues to play poker, he gets richer and richer, with more people believing he is a master gambler. People start to assume KirbySSM goes to Las Vegas quite often.

On December 15th, 2021, KirbySSM states that he spends his time in "Vegas casinos"[3], possibly giving a clue to how he is so good at Discord Poker Night. KirbySSM also states that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"[4] but it is unsure what he meant as to that.

DriveSaber's Vegas Trip[edit | edit source]

Main Article: DriveSaber Vegas Arc

On July 1st, 2022, DriveSaber announced that he would be traveling to Las Vegas very soon.[5] It's unknown when exactly and for how long DriveSaber stayed in Vegas, but on the 21st of July, he did briefly talk in the server once while he was there. The exact reasoning for why DriveSaber only spoke once during his whole trip was, according to him, because his hotel required him to pay for WiFi.[6] Once he got back from Vegas, on the 27th of July, he talked about his experience, stating how the Vegas Strip at night is "wild"[7]. This trip has given others the impression that DriveSaber, like KirbySSM, is a gambler, although much worse.

On August 21st, 2022, during a time where DriveSaber was on hiatus from the server, KirbySSM stated that DriveSaber must've gone into too much debt, eventually dying.[8] KirbySSM then requested for this event to be recorded into Kirby Gang Lore. While DriveSaber has acknowledged this statement, [9] he has not officially confirmed if this is truly canon to the lore as he talked about it in a very jokingly manner.

Meet up in Las Vegas[edit | edit source]

Apparently, KirbySSM had just left Las Vegas when DriveSaber arrived there.[10] Due to this coincidence, meeting up in Las Vegas has become a meme within the Kirby Gang Discord Server, similar to the supposed Orlando meetup of HungryKirby and KirbySSM.[11]

References[edit | edit source]

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