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Fedoras are a thing that SSM gives out to people to put on their avatar. Here are the different types of fedora:

  • Black Fedoras: The basic fedora, given out by SSM in early April 2021.
  • Red Fedoras: For those who have sacrificed another. They are red with the blood and the souls of those sacrificed.
  • The Green Fedora: Exclusively for HungryKirby, for he was the first to be sacrificed.

Sacrificing[edit | edit source]

Sacrificing is a ritual where you ask someone if they want to be sacrificed, if they do, take them to the star target and remove their soul. The one sacrificed will be a ghost and cannot sacrifice others or recieve a fedora in the future. If, for whatever reason, the one being sacrificed for cannot recieve a fedora, then the one killed will be revived by KirbySSM. It is unclear if they can recieve a fedora or sacrifice others.

If someone backs out of sacrifice and you have a fedora, it is a false fedora.

False Fedoras[edit | edit source]

Some people have made false fedoras, you can tell if it's real by if the fedora has texture or not, real ones have none (exception is black fedoras, which have texture).

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