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This is talking about KirbySSM, the person. To learn about the character KirbySSM plays in the KirbyGangMC, click here.

KirbySSM is the owner and founder of Kirby Gang. He started the server on 5/17/20, and continues to work on it to this day. KirbySSM is extremely active, some people wondering if they even sleep. KirbySSM is a very secretive person. Many know almost nothing about them, not even their timezone. They were previously notoriously mute, never speaking a word to anyone in Kirby Gang. That changed when KirbySSM did his voice reveal and Q&A on the Kirby Gang YT channel.[1] KirbySSM has a twitch channel[2] and owns two other public discord servers besides Kirby Gang, although he doesn't advertise them that much

Most people commonly believe SSM's gender to be Male, since he uses "he/him" pronouns. Describing KirbySSM is hard, since everyone has a different opinion on them, some thinking they are sweet and others thinking they are intimidating. It is unknown which timezone KirbySSM resides in, as SSM consistently edits screenshots; however, it is likely one of the American timezones. Despite all of the secrecy, it is known for sure that KirbySSM is an adult. Recently, KirbySSM has been showing more emotions than usual, which is interesting, but we have no clues why this is.

Lore Variations[edit | edit source]

There are many variations of KirbySSM lore, and a few will be listed here:

Canon Lore[edit | edit source]

Confirmed due to one of KirbySSM's Microsoft Paint Drawings, KirbySSM is from harvard. KirbySSM is a serial killer, is planning on killing HungryKirby at Orlando and has a white van for unknown reasons,[3]

Uncanon[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Uncanon KirbySSM Lore

Uncanon KirbySSM lore is lore about KirbySSM that has not been confirmed. It may be accurate or realistic, but it may also not be Many people have created uncanon KirbySSM lore. KirbySSM has not confirmed any of it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their birthday is on January 28th
  • KirbySSM has an alias; Mario SMM
  • KirbySSM uses many fake aliases
  • The number of fedoras KirbySSM has is unknown.
  • KirbySSM has often said that they are emotionless, mostly in response to other people saying that they have been showing more emotions recently.
  • They may have known Mia and/or Hom before Kirby Gang, but it remains unconfirmed (and sometimes denied altogether).
  • SSM stands for human rights

Related Lore[edit | edit source]

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