History of the server

From Kirby Gang

This server isn't very old, although it's history is rich and extremely confusing, as you will see. There's betrayal, there's revenge, and there's friendships to be found. There's also questions left unanswered, such as 'What does SSM stand for?' and 'Can I become an event hoster? Please?', both of which have been asked multiple times by multiple people.

One of the many mysteries revolves around Hyper Labs, an evil organization that destroyed many people's bases in the Kirby Gang Minecraft Server, and the mastermind behind this has yet to reveal their true identity. This part of history is still left up to mystery; If someone ever does solve it, a high reward is surely due!

Another interesting part in the history of this server are the teams, these teams made ads against one-another, making truces and launching attacks. This part of the history will be further explained in this page for the Season One teams, and this page for the Season Two teams.

The last part of history that we'll cover in this bit is the Suffering Puzzle that Ness and SSM made, a puzzle that many started but only three kept going until the end, with one of them snatching the prize before anyone could properly react. They gained the Puzzle Master role, and a month of classic nitro. This puzzle was appropriatly coined the "Suffering Puzzle" by Engineer Kirby, who also made a poster for it.

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