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HomicidalKirby is a mostly unknown, former staff member in Kirby Gang. He is also known as Canadian Bacon, or the shortened version of his name, Hom.[1] While being consistently active in 2020, his activity has dwindled down tremendously, to the point where it has become a meme. He lives in Canada, and it is possible that he knows MiaKirb (MiamozakiKirb) in real life. There is a frequent theory that HomicdalKirby and MiamozakiKirb are the same person, but it remains unconfirmed. Hom joined on May 23rd, 2020 (6 days after the server was made)[2], quickly changing his name to HomicidalKirby to get True Kirby Gang. HomicidalKirby has stated he was invited to the server by KirbySSM.[3][4][5] HomicidalKirby is not really a Kirby fan, stating the only Kirby game he has played was "a little bit of Kirby's adventure."[6]

Lore[edit | edit source]

HomicidalKirby was believed to be hiding something quite dark, covering it up by laughing and joking about the crimes he committed. But what exactly did HomicidalKirby do? What may have lead him to do what he did? His response WILL shock you! “I outpizza’d the hut.” You heard it folks, that’s some scary stuff we heard there... back to you, MiaKirb

At about 9AM I believe I was invited

That’s just a wild guess

It was in a server called Game Night, which was like every Friday or Saturday at a certain time we’d get on and play a game

I had gotten that idea from a roblox police RP server, who did it as sort of an event

I ended up leaving that server, because they wanted people to be able to get on EVERY DAY

and I didn’t care about it anymore

But it was on a game night that my laptops fan Alt F4’ed itself, which caused me to buy a new one

That “new one” is now having lag problems

Severe lag problems

Anyway, we were playing roblox mm2 that day, with Mia, curt, ssm and me

I eventually told them that my laptop is getting super hot. And I’m gonna get off before it gets worse

That was the last thing that laptop ever saw

It doesnt boot up anymore

Rip Lenovo Thinkpad

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