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MiaKirb (MiamozakiKirb)

From Kirby Gang

MiaKirb is the third member of Kirby Gang, and self-described "one of the most important discord users in Kirby Gang". Currently an Admin, he was one of the first active members of the server, and has continued to stay and support it. MiaKirb is credited under Kirby Gang Special Thanks for "supporting Kirby Gang a ton at an early age." MiaKirb was previously a senior admin, although he isn't anymore, and he still regrets the mistake he made to this day.

MiaKirb as a senior admin:[edit | edit source]

MiaKirb was once an admin of Kirby Gang. But one day he made a mistake that got him demoted. He is still a member of staff, but he is nowhere near where he was before. Some people say he wasn't qualified for the position, and to others that may be true. MiaKirb wasn't the most active to before that, but there were probably many factors contributing to this.

Mia's relationship to KirbySSM[edit | edit source]

Some have become very confused to this vague and mysterious relationship between the two, leading some to think that Mia and KirbySSM are one and the same. Previously, we were not sure if this was true, since KirbySSM had never spoken in voice, but now that KirbySSM and MiamozakiKirb have both spoken, it is likely they are different people, though it would be one heck of a troll if they were not. The spark of these rumors started from how MiaKirb was the second member to join the server, although this could be entirely coincidental. It is unclear and will most likely never be confirmed or denied. This conspiracy could evolve or could be destroyed, but only the future will hold the answers.

MiaKirb's Resignations[edit | edit source]

MiaKirb has resigned twice from Kirby Gang Staff, although not in recent times, as he has sworn to not resign for bogus reasons anymore.

First Resignation[edit | edit source]

When MiaKirb was first demoted to a lower position, he had strongly considered resigning[citation needed] but decided to stay with the staff team.

Second Resignation[edit | edit source]

MiaKirb had resigned for a second time in protest for the KirbyGangMC server to be opened up to alt accounts and non true kirby gang members. Soon after this, Mia had apparently tried to create drama and was muted. The reason he started protesting this randomly is unknown. MiaKirb has since said he regretted this decision.

Later on, Mia had reapplied for staff and has made it back up to where he is today, stating that he wishes to earn his senior admin role back.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mia lives in Canada
  • KirbySSM sometimes pretends to hate Mia, and sometimes Mia pretends to hate KirbySSM. This is a little inside joke between the two
  • MiaKirb's old username was "Kirby" (Kirby#7507)
  • One of Mia's popular pfps is made by KirbySSM themself.
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