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Season 1[edit | edit source]

KirbyIsNess was a person who joined during The PoyoShima Era. Usually using dumb logic, Ness seemed to always be against KirbySSM.

KirbySSM has stated that "KirbyIsNess is a pawn in the grand scheme of things"

KirbyIsNess has been in many events, which will be listed here:

The SSM Revolution[edit | edit source]

KirbyIsNess was the creator and leader of the SSM Revolution. The SSM Revolution was a group of people, KirbyIsNess, DragonKirb, MiaKirb, HomicidalKirby, and TheButteryKirb (almost the entire server at the time) attempting to kill SSM. They all eventually failed, and KirbySSM remained the overlord of the server. To end it off, TheButteryKirb had accidentally leaked the group chat via a notification.

The SSM Revolution was constantly used against Ness as reasons to not trust him, causing him to only have DragonKirb on his side most times during conflict.

KirbySSM has explained these two points publicly about Ness and his involvement in the SSM Revolution.

  1. Ness was the leader and invited pretty much everyone in the server at the time, including HomicidalKirby, MiaKirb, KirbyIsNess, DragonKirby, and TheButteryKirb.
  2. Ness started blaming KirbySSM for "everything" Including things such as "stealing an anvil, a horse, griefing someones dog grave and selling stuff for too much money."

Mount Poyo Incident (Hyperlabs)[edit | edit source]

KirbyIsNess has been accused of being the person to destroy Mount Poyo, being Hyperlabs, and many other things related to this incident.

There are many reasons people thought it was him, however that can be listed by someone else cause I don't really want to right now.

The reasons for him to do this have been debated on end, but here are some notable ones

- KirbyIsNess was going to be enslaved soon by TheButteryKirb and KirbySSM (since he didn't pay a debt), so potentially he destroyed Mount Poyo to become free

- KirbyIsNess may have wanted to start another revolution against KirbySSM, and destroying the town and blaming it on him would be the perfect way to get people on his side

- KirbyIsNess at the time was also being accused of killing Curt's pink sheep and destroying Curt's enchanting area, so this could have potentially been a targeted attack on him

- Similar to the last point, this could have been a targeted attack on HomicidalKirby, since KirbyIsNess was accused of killing his dog.

KirbyIsNess could easily be HyperLabs, but he could easily not be as well. At this current timeframe, it is unknown for sure if he is or isn't.

Season 1.5[edit | edit source]

An image by KirbySSM

KirbyIsNess joins. He visits HungryKirb, and instantly gets blown up by creepers. He comes again, more creepers. He says he left(?) but more creepers come,

HungryKirb loses all his stuff to creeper explosions. HungryKirb blames KirbyIsNess. It is unknown at this time if KirbyIsNess intentionally killed HungryKirb via creepers.

HungryKirb starts a war against KirbyIsNess. He gets allies to help him. KirbySSM, the most powerful, decides to stay neutral. KirbyIsNess denies that he led creepers intentionally.

Potential Scenarios provided by KirbySSM

1. HungryKirb got killed by regular creepers. Nothing malicious

2. HungryKirb got killed by creepers led to him by KirbyIsNess. Potentially a Hyperlabs attack

3. HungryKirb got killed by creepers unintentionally led to him by KirbyIsNess

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