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KirbySSM draws various things in Microsoft Paint, such as posters and explanations of lore/current events. These are typically Discord Live streamed to the public as they are viewed, and are notorious for gathering large amounts of people to watch. Notable pieces include Texan Hallow (sparking Hallow V Butter), the Butter Plan, and Paint>Paint3D.

Texan Hallow Drawing[edit | edit source]

KirbyIsNess, referred to as Hallow, pointing a gun at the user.

Also known as "Gunpoint Hallow", this is regarded as KirbySSM's first Microsoft Paint diagram. This image sparked Ness v Butter, as well as KirbyIsNess using Windows XP. It describes a situation where KirbyIsNess, referred to as Hallow, is pointing a gun at KirbySSM to make him host an event, as well as at the user, in order to force them to use Windows XP. This image also claims that KirbyIsNess, along with DragonKirby (his brother), and Ness's Treecko (from Pokétwo), are Texan. KirbyIsNess is in reality, Oklahoman. In the innocent section are some important staff members. In the questionable section are just some random relevant people. Ironically, HungryKirby was included despite not being relevant, but has since become a very important member. There was also an updated version, featuring slightly different members.

Deconstructed[edit | edit source]

This image was sparked during Spooky vs. Scary (2020), during the Wikipedia speedrun event. Holding KirbySSM, as well as the others, at "gunpoint", represents KirbyIsNess's strong request to KirbySSM for him to join the event[1] to help see who the winner is, as well as the large amount of pings KirbyIsNess had done in order to get people to join. The Windows XP comes from JSPaint, which is assumed to have been used by KirbyIsNess. KirbyIsNess is referred to as Texan, and is given a gun, due to his apparent hate of Texas. The other users referred to as "Texan" are directly related to KirbyIsNess in some way.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This image has created much of the lore and inside jokes around KirbyIsNess.

  • This image sparked the beginning of Ness v Butter
  • This image started the "Hallow is Texan" meme
  • This image started the "KirbyIsNess uses Windows XP" meme

Along with that, this image started the KirbySSM Microsoft Paint Drawings

the Butter Plan[edit | edit source]

See here

Paint>Paint3D[edit | edit source]

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