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apparently according to my friends, being on discord means I'm talking to women


—HungryKirby, 2021

HungryKirby (formerly GigaNuggies) was one of the most active members in Kirby Gang. Joining on September 21st, 2020, HungryKirby had been in the server for more than half a year and was the 474th person to join. His highest place on the leaderboard was rank 3, but he is now rank 6 and is slowly dropping down. He was also 1st place in counting. HungryKirby had a brief tenure as a Kirby Helper, before being removed due to inactivity. HungryKirby sent his last message, "cardboard is cool," on June 5th, 2021. He briefly returned with a second account, but that account has since been deleted. It is unknown what caused HungryKirby to disappear from discord and the wider internet, but he has made occasional contact via his Twitter account, his Reddit account, and his Roblox account.

The profile picture HungryKirby uses most often

History in the Server[edit | edit source]

Early Days[edit | edit source]

Early on, HungryKirby was still named GigaNuggies and asked stupid questions like "can i write a number on kirby numbers?". He used lots of #aki-guesses-kirbys and #kirby-counts. For some reason, he was a simp for butter which weirded out a lot of people. He used many different profile pictures, like Kirby eating ramen, Kirby baking and Kirby drinking coffee.

Teams and Events[edit | edit source]

HungryKirby has been in the Halloween event (losing team), the Trickord Treat event (1st place), and The Suffering Puzzle (quit). He has also been in two of the many season 1 teams, which were KirbySSM Cult and Kirby Anarchy, being the Team Captain of anarchy for a few weeks. He tried to make The Cowboy Kirbs a team but ultimately failed at doing so. In season 2, he was in the team Warpstar Warriors and was its first captain.

Kirby Gang MC[edit | edit source]

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Lore[edit | edit source]

One day, a kirby named @HungryKirby had a dream of becoming the highest ranked Kirby, or at least number 5. He trained and talked for weeks on end, until he became the mighty 10 Kirby, and he kept going from there. Some say he is still training in this very moment -HungryKirby,[1]

HungryKirby was ran over by some type of vehicle, but it is unknown whether the vehicle was a car, a truck, one or more trains, or DriveSaber.[2] [3] [4].HungryKirby has an alias, MangoKirby. He is known by MangoKirby as a member of Mango Island. HungryKirby may have been sacrificed to end world hunger.[5] DriveSaber and HungryKirby are song partners, and have made a duet together.[6] HungryKirby has described the so-called "History of HungryKirby" on October 26th, 2020, in #kirbgang-lore.

The history of HungryKirby:

9/21/20: Nobody knows GigaNuggies, but he joins a random Kirby server because he saw it in Mr Beast Gaming. He was member 474. Hallow's Kirby welcomed him. He also becomes HungryKirby.

9/27/20: HungryKirby joins the KirbySSM Cult

9/30/20: People begin to regularly see HungryKirby. He beats saint kirby as well.

10/5/20: HungryKirby gets hated on by Butter. Things begin to spiral down.

10/7/20: HungryKirby reaches lvl 20. SSM adds HungryKirby to the Minecraft server.

?/?/?: THE FUTURE[7]

This history of HungryKirby is missing quite a few events, since it was only written about a month into HungryKirby's nine month tenure.

My name is HungryKirby, and I am the fastest exp getting man alive. When I was GigaNuggies I saw myself join Kirby Gang by something impossible. My sanity went to prison for joining. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary Kirby, but secretly, I use my exp to rival others and defeat others like me. And one day, I’ll find who invited me and get justice for my sanity. I am HungryKirby.[8]

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