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LaniccalKirby is one of the somewhat early but not really members. He knows Hollow Kirby irl, and was invited by him. Not too active when he first joined, he is now a regular and usually hosts the POTD. He has been frequently active in the technology and venting channels. He is known for being stupid, and pinging people.He is from California, and also talks about hockey. His favorite teams include the San Jose Sharks, Detroit Red Wings,Toronto Maple Leafs,and Vancouver Canucks. He gets dunked on for playing Fortnite, which is deserved. He has also been credited with acting older than he really is.(x) He is on really good terms with people on this server, but also very very bad terms with others.

His pronouns are he/him. He is very bad at art, but very good at Math, Technology, Psychology, and English Language Arts.

He is constantly depressed. He is a fan of the streamer Lanusky because of a joke that his friend made, and because of this has an alt account basically being used as a stan account. He has two primary alts although has 8 others not in Kirby Gang.

While at one point he was trial staff with HungryKirby, he never made it past the trial stage. HungryKirby used to be his superior in Anarchy.

On May 6,2021 Laniccal unexpectedly left Kirby Gang. From his perspective, it was due to being burned out, and not wanting to be on KG. He would regret this decision as he would lose Trial Staff, and unfortunately lose his 7/11/2020 join date.

Joined as member #170 on July 11, 2020 (can someone confirm this please?)

Extra Stuff(Trivia I guess)

Laniccal's birthday is on October 1

Lore[edit | edit source]

So in the beginning, I used to go under my real name, Lance. I then created multiple accounts under NAME GAMER YT NUMBER and it was as if I was a cringe child, but I was 8 and we make mistakes when we are 8. I forget the password of my 4th account under this formula. I say hey, come up with a name that no one has, and is easy. I come up with MechaPet. This is easily the worst decision I could've made, but oh well. I made my first discord account and it had MechaPet as the user as well(this was in 2017 or 18 no clue) Fun fact, I had TommyInnit added on here. I deleted the account, mid-2019. I created really bad Basketball videos for a youtube channel nammed LanceHasNoPants, then it went to LanHasNoPants, for simplicity, but still. I changed my discord name to just Laniccal, and my pfp originally was Dwight Schrute(from the office) in a Little Caesar's advert, that was funny to me at the time. I then switched everything to Laniccal. I joined Kirby Gang at some point in July, and was inactive til about October or November, and that's when I became most active. I boosted the server from 12/9/2020 - 3/9/2021.

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