Not KirbySSM

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Not KirbySSM's usually used profile picture

Not KirbySSM is a Mexican impostor version of KirbySSM. He was first sighted on June 12th, 2020[1]. He is not to be confused with other KirbySSM variants, such as SSMKirby, KirbySMH, or CoolKirby. Not KirbySSM can be recognized by his signature red fedora and mustache.[2] He is known for being a Kirby Gang role speed-runner[3], as well as having the signature catchphrases, "He's got maximum pink!" or the similar, "MAXIMUM PINK".

Despite numerous evidence pointing to the contrary, KirbySSM has consistently claimed that he is not "Not KirbySSM" and that "Not KirbySSM" is "clearly someone else"[4]

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