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Property of SSM is a sword in Kirby Gang MC. It can also refer to a piece of armor, or used to claim land for KirbySSM.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 1 was the origin of the Property of SSM sword, and it as seen much blood since then. The first Property of SSM sword was an unenchanted diamond sword. While thought to have been given to Miamozaki by KirbySSM[1], HomicidalKirby has claimed it was originally given to him, when he then lost it.[2]After the sword was given to Mia, it was then stolen by HomicidalKirby[3], who used it to kill Mia.[4] HomicidalKirby would go on to use Property of SSM as his personal sword, killing players such as TheButteryKirb and other mobs with it. When HomicidalKirby died to a zombie, who stole the sword,[5] Miamozaki would eventually find and kill it, reclaiming the sword as his own, and also providing the first picture of it.[6] Mia then used the sword as his own, killing players such as KirbyIsNess and others. KirbySSM sold a second Property of SSM sword to the auction house, where it was bought by DragonKirby.[7] This caused some confusion among the players, as some did not realize there was now two swords with the same name out there. The original sword was briefly stolen by a Zombified Piglin,[8] but after being reclaimed by HomicidalKirby, he assumed Mia stole the sword from KirbySSM.[9] After this, it is unknown what happened to the original Property of SSM, but the second sword was kept by DragonKirby, who stated it was his "most valuable item"[10]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Property of SSM would not return until Season 3, where it again saw much blood. Two enchanted iron swords were created by KirbySSM, one with Bane of Arthopods V, the other with Sharpness III. One of these swords was kept in KirbySSM's "Restricted Area", while the other was given to DeletyedKirbom. The sword in the basement was stolen and returned many times, typically by KirbySSM killing whoever took it. While at one point the Sharpness III version was kept in Seek's ender chest, KirbySSM eventually reclaimed it. The second sword was used by Deletyedkirbom to repeatedly kill .NewBasket770370, as part of an agreement by the residents of SSM's House + Others.

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