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SHS File 2: Mango Island

From Kirby Gang


[BEGIN FILE][edit | edit source]

Mango Island is an island, likely located around the coordinates 666, -666. [KirbySSM], the current CEO of SSM Health & Safety, is the current president of Mango Island.

[SPECIAL PROPERTIES][edit | edit source]

Mango Island reportedly has an "unfathomable amount of mangoes." Multiple agents have been sent in by SHS in an attempt to record the specific amount of mangoes, but they could not come up with any specific number, instead repeating that there is an "unfathomable amount of mangoes". There appears to be a special mango, named the [Golden Fruit], amongst the rest of the mangoes. This fruit seems to have some sort of distinctive power. [More detail can be found under "FRUIT WARS".]

[RESIDENTS][edit | edit source]

The only known residents of Mango Island are [MangoKirby], and the current president, [KirbySSM]. [MangoKirby] appears to just be [HungryKirby], with a mango attached to his head. Despite this, Mango Island appears to be a major tourist destination for some folks, with [MangoKirby] stating his desire for a "Gem-Mango" island to be created as well.

[DAY TO DAY][edit | edit source]

KirbySSM, as president, appears to be "smuggling" more mangoes to Mango Island. It is unknown what SSM hopes to achieve by doing this. There appears to be some sort of prison located on Mango Island as well, which reportedly houses people who have "reply pinged" [KirbySSM]. Mango Island additionally may have a replica of itself created in the video game [Minecraft]. Mango Island has three commandments:


2. mango

3. mango

[FRUIT WARS][edit | edit source]

It appears that Mango Island plays a major role in the [FRUIT WARS]. The [Golden Fruit], which is housed on Mango Island, is the main cause of fighting amongst the fruit-themed teams. While seeming to not have much of a desire to find/retrieve the [Golden Fruit], [KirbySSM] is reportedly aligned with "Team Mango".[1]

[GOLDEN FRUIT][edit | edit source]

The [Golden Fruit] is reported to taste like a mixture of gold and mangoes. The fruit has no seeds, and can not be planted. After two bites, it spontaneously combusts. This fruit has the unique ability to grant whoever eats it [Trial Helper] in the discord server [Kirby Gang]. It is unknown at this time to SSM Health & Safety why any particular group wishes to retrieve this fruit.

[FILE END][edit | edit source]
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