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Mango Island is an island which reportedly has an "unfathomable" amount of "mangos". It is rumored to be located around the coordinates 666, -666. The current president of Mango Island is KirbySSM, who has a goal of smuggling more mangoes to Mango Island.

Commandments[edit | edit source]

Mango Island has three commandments:


2. mango

3. mango

Daily Life[edit | edit source]

Mango Island is home to MangoKirby (HungryKirby with a mango on his head). It is also home to the Golden Fruit, which has spawned the Fruit Wars. Mango Island houses a prison, called the Mango Prison, which holds prisoners such as those who "reply ping" KirbySSM. Mango Island is a tourist destination to many, with some residents hoping to establish a second, "Gem Mango Island," to increase tourism. The island also may have had a recreation made in KGMC. While the island has "an unfathomable amount of mangos," there is no exact number to how many mangoes this really is. Confusingly, KirbySSM is attempting to smuggle more mangoes onto the island. The goals of KirbySSM are unknown. It is also unknown how KirbySSM was elected president of Mango Island.

Fruit Wars[edit | edit source]

Mango Island is heavily involved in The Fruit Wars. Amongst the unfathomable amount of mangoes on Mango Island, is a Golden Fruit. This Golden Fruit is said to give whoever eats it Trial Kirby Helper in Kirby Gang. KirbySSM is seemingly involved with Team Mango, being the president of Mango Island, which suggests that Mango Island may be aligned with Team Mango. However, KirbySSM has not seem to made any attempts to locate the Golden Fruit, or if he has, has not done anything with said fruit.

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