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This page holds all non canon KirbySSM Lore. Many people have created their own KirbySSM Lore, or lore that involves KirbySSM, so to avoid massive unrelated texts on the main page, it is preferred to keep it here instead

Unknown[edit | edit source]

KirbySSM according to several sourses burned down an orphanage. Lucky no one was hurt except for a turtle. KirbySSM has refused to comment on the situation. A reporter reported KirbySSM stated, "Please get out of my house or I'll call the police," during an interview.

SSM lore by AnimeLoverKirb[edit | edit source]

I’m gonna tell you an undertale.

Once upon a time, there was a scientist named W. D. Gaster who lived in the Underground. He worked as the royal scientist for King Asgore Dreemurr. One day, he fell into an invention he had been working on: a box that could teleport you anywhere. He hadn’t worked out all the kinks. What happened to him, you may ask? The short answer? It ended badly, but also really well. And the long answer? Since you couldn’t choose where you could go, and all known subjects lost their memories or retained altered ones, Gaster ended up on the Surface without any recollection of how he got there or who he was. The only things he knew were his name and that he had college degrees in all sorts of things that had to do with science. He decided to change his name to Sir Sullivan Moore, or SSM for short. He got together with a team of people and began to develop an iPhone. However, he sold it to Apple because what he really wanted to do was make a chatting app. See, he and his friends Miami and Homer had taken an interest in coding ever since a recent project of theirs: a Kirby fan game where it was up to the descendants of the original Kirby protagonists to save Dream Land. They also liked talking with people on Facebook. And thus began the Discord app. The app was such a success that the three friends decided to start a Kirby-themed server. SSM became KirbySSM, Miami became Miamozaki Kirb, and Homer became Homicidal Kirby. It started out as just them, but over time they invited more friends of theirs like Ness, Greeb and Hungry. This server grew into the Kirby Gang we know and love.

EpicKirbWolf's KirbySSM Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

I've been trying to deconstruct the mystery of SSM, but i cant find a solid connection between butter and ssm other than this and his name change from burger to butter. wait, wait, I KNOW, BUTTER WAS SSM THE WHOLE TIME!!! you see, SSM is an enigma. all we know is he likes kirby, knew mia before this server, and is an adult. however, there have been many mysteries surrounding him:

  • his sons original father
  • his "servant" slave
  • how ssm and mia met

BUT his connection with butter seems off.. i feel like theres something deeper! but now i know: the ssm right here in this server.. isn't the real ssm. the real ssm was BUTTER, AND BUTTER WAS BRAINWASHED TO THINK HE WASNT SSM!! see, ssm hates being called smm despite his twitch username, and he also for some reason hates me (i cant see why). but butter, this whole time, was trying to become ssm! because he was really the original ssm, and made his twitch name ssm as a joke!! now ssm doesnt have access to butters email, but somehow the twitch account, which means that he couldnt change the name and that it stayed as smm instead of ssm despite him hating it!!! along with that its why ssm doesnt know alchares, despite being extremely active in his discord server!!!!


And ssms son? clearly butters son

and his servant? butter used to treat him well, but because he was replaced by an ALIEN


and the alchares thing? that must mean that butter wasnt replaced, rather his account was hacked, and then he was brainwashed after that!

and, also, Butter was in contendos server when i first met him, and guess what? bup is a meme there!!!

YOU KNOW WHO SAYS BUP ALOT? JELLY (jelly seems unrelated, but trust me ill get to him)

first i need to talk about how Mia, Darkdes, and pokecord get involved:

Mia and Darkdes are a metaphor for yin and yangand pokecord is balance between the twoa while after darkdes left, pokecord died, and the server wars startedCLEARLY THE UNIVERSE WAS IMBALANCEDBECAUSE DARKDES LEFTand Ranch Sphere, first we need to talk about ness and butternow ive already covered butter

but ness? oh boy! so ness is nature trying to end us for how weve treated itand since butter was the og ssm, a man fixated on enhancement of technology

(wait did i mention the spaceship stuff yet?)

yeah, butter found a spaceship after trying to mechanize his toilet and thats when he got replaced, anyways thats why ness and butter hate each other.

and then jelly: so jelly is the big, big, BIG dlc!! an expansion pack to the war!! i know he was added pretty late, but season 2 pf the war will include him, after all he is a robot programmed to enhance the experience!! finally, we come to ranch sphere! ranch sphere is the core of this server and all of the history behind it:

  • butters replacement
  • bup
  • kirbyman
  • everything

but ranch sphere hasnt been seen for years, and why? butter was the one who made him!! at first, butter made this server as a chill hang out space for people who like kirby!! thats why his pfp was kirby before he joined the server in his new account!!!!!!! but the ALIEN ssm thought everyone who entered had to be "kirby," and it evolved into this!!!!!!!!!!!!! but un-beknowingly to us, now he has control over everyone!!!!! the kirby gang virus has spread to hundreds, and now, ssm can control all of our actions because HE HAS ALIEN POWERS WAKE UP SHEEPLE

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