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General Lore

WarriorOfJelly but kirb joined on 01/13/2021 after they saw KirbySSM's custom status "Join Kirby Gang!".

After joining, they set their Discord Username to WarriorOfJelly (kirb edition) and their profile picture to a image of Square Kirby holding a knife, but later they changed their Discord Username to WarriorOfJelly but kirb and their profile picture to Yarn Kirby.

On around 01/29/2021 they were banned for a week due to being stupid and sending an invite to Krabby Gnag to a lot of main members.

On around 03/19/2021 they were muted for an unknown period of time for ghost pinging multiple roles and swear bypassing as a joke.

As you can probably tell, they isn't very smart and doesn't learn from their mistakes.

They made the Kirby Gang Clicker game, but sadly, they gave up on development of it, leaving it unfinished.

Their highest rank at the mee6 leaderboard were #9, but due to inactivity, they dropped to #14.

They were banned for a month for having a lot of warns and causing drama on the server. After they came back, they became sus.

In about a week (?) after their previous ban, they got banned once and for all because they reached the warn limit.

After that, they made some cringy alts and tried to make a raid or something, followed up by being overly dramatic and saying "they can join anytime they want" (they never joined afterwards)

Then they actually got unbanned but never were active

the end

Profile Pictures

WarriorOfJelly has a lot of profile pictures that they changes from time to time. They claimed that their profile pictures are their "soul".

WarriorOfJelly but kirb

The normal profile picture that they uses most of the time is an image of Yarn Kirby. WarriorOfJelly got that image by buying a wallpaper at My Nintendo for platinum coins, and then cropping it.

brik tub ylleJfOroirraW

There was a moment when they changed their profile picture to their normal profile picture but with inverted colors. they changed their username to brik tub ylleJfOroirraW, which is WarriorOfJelly but kirb but reversed. they said that it was a "curse" of some sorts, and they went back to normal only after getting "shot" at using HungryKirby's shrink gun.

MurderManJelly but kirb

Once WarriorOfJelly were bored, and they decided to make a new profile picture. they asked Epickirbwolf what theme they should use, and Epickirbwolf responded with "Murder". After making the profile picture, WarriorOfJelly used it, and they transformed into MurderManJelly. MurderManJelly was an uncontrollable evil force that was stabbing people left and right and not sparing anyone. they were defeated by Epickirbwolf by making WarriorOfJelly new profile pictures with Yarn Kirby being drowned / on fire / in headphones with cat ears.

they returned a second time, after KribbyMMM started deleting Epickirbwolf's tuppers. he was summoned to defeat KribbyMMM, but instead they just went around stabbing people again. they got bored quickly, and the effect wore off, bringing back normal WarriorOfJelly but kirb.


After getting banned for a month and coming back, their second message they sent was "sus". (The first one was a meme.) they changed their nickname to "sus", and the next day, changed their profile picture to a Yarn Kirby with the eyes of the character from the game Among Us.


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