April Fools 2021

From Kirby Gang

April Fools 2021 was the first ever April Fools event in the Kirby Gang Discord Server. It had many events, making this a very chaotic day, and one that had many pranks played and jokes said. This is a list of what happened in order of when they occurred.

  • (9am EST) The server's profile picture was changed to include a fake ping.
  • (9:40 EST) Many common roles and channels were renamed to include the '🅱' emoji.
  • General two was created, and other channels received the general moniker.
  • Many of the most active members of the server added '🅱' to their name instead of various letters.
  • KirbySSM drew a new, cooler pfp for EpicKirbWolf.

List of April Fools[edit | edit source]

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