April Fools 2023

From Kirby Gang

April Fools 2023 was the third April Fools event in the server. Many more changes were added to the server in compared to the previous April Fools.

The server was renamed to "Keeby Gang" and the Kirby in the server icon was changed to be yellow to represent this. Just like last year's own, the server icon was updated to include a fake ping icon.

At first, it started off very simple, with any Roles and Channels including the word "Kirby" were swapped with "Keeby", an example being #Kirby-General becoming #Keeby-General. Some members even decided to play along by changing the "Kirby" in their names to "Keeby" as well. Even the channel #🔓serious-among-us-discussion was reopened for a few short moments before being locked once more. *sad crewmate noises*

This quickly escalated hours later as many roles were being swapped out with those of Staff roles. Here is a list of all the Role changes:

  • "Regular Kirb" renamed to "Kirby Staff"
  • "Kirby Gang" renamed to "Event Managers"
  • "True Kirby Gang" renamed to "Co-Owner"
  • "Kirby Booster" renamed to "Trial Keeby Mod"

There were some more additions as a Staff Chat Channel named #important-staff-chat was created and many channels were remaned to match these new roles.

Overall, it was a very fun time where some clueless members were pinged and congratulated about being "promoted to the staff team". Just like last year's own, some were confused at the false ping on the server icon as active members continued to play along with the joke saying that Discord must have been bugggy or KirbySSM accidentally pinged everyone. In the word's of SSM himself, "sorry about the everyone ping, it was a misinput!!"

List of April Fools[edit | edit source]

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