April Fools 2022

From Kirby Gang

April Fools 2022 was the second April Fools event in the server. This one did considerably more changes to the server compared to the last one.

First, the server icon was updated to include a fake ping icon. This was followed by a swap of #kirby-general and #truepoyo, and swapping Regular Kirb and True Kirby Gang. This meant that #kirby-general was locked to Regular Kirb only, and the only people with the Regular Kirb role were people who formerly had the True Kirby Gang role. Additionally, everyone now had access to #truepoyo, and everyone had the True Kirby Gang role. The server was then renamed to "True Kirby Gang".

Soon after this, a new channel, named #genreal-2108u3092138901240921830921309213812093124214092184092184039184903184031, was created. It was then almost immediately locked. Around 10 minutes later, it was unlocked, now with Cleverbot added.

Many people visited the server, very confused on who pinged them. Active members continued to confuse everyone, claiming things such as KirbySSM pinged everyone, that nothing changed at all, that discord is simply bugging, or that discord was updated.

List of April Fools[edit | edit source]

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