HungryKirby (KGMC)

From Kirby Gang

Season 1[edit | edit source]

HungryKirby's arrival marked the beginning of a new town known as Mount Poyo, which because of Hyperlabs, ended up exploding and causing the birth of new towns. HungryKirby ended up making a new town called Whispey Woods, but after burning The PoyoShima Ships, the town was burnt to a crisp. HungryKirby moved on to life in a small town close to Marx Mountains named Criminal Camp. As you can imagine this is where the "criminals" of the server resided. Those being DragonKirby, and KirbyIsNess. HungryKirby's base was unfortunately blown up in a matter which was taken to court through the SSM GLOBAL JUSTICE System. Following that he moved to a Honey Pot a long ways away from Marx Mountains which he was banned from. There, he learned about Hyperlabs and that they had blown up Mount Poyo. After that he tried to find out who Hyperlabs was and even was tasked by KirbySSM to rebuild Bandana Valley with the help of HomicidalKirby. Unfortunately, they never were able to finish the project, though they did come close the server corrupted before they could.

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