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The First Base of Hyperlabs

Hyperlabs is a malicious entity in the server Kirby Gang MC, causing lots of havoc and being one of the main antagonists of Season 1. It is unknown if this is one person or a group, although there are many theories. Hyperlabs has no clear target, although many attacks were targeted at HungryKirby. Hyperlab's intentions are still unclear to this day.

The First Base[edit | edit source]

The first base of Hyperlabs is believed to have been in Mount Poyo, found by KirbySSMJudei, HungryKirby, and KirbySSM. This base went by unnoticed until much later, and so it was forgotten. Later on, HungryKirby rediscovered this base, and decided it had to be related to the Mount Poyo Incident, since the floor had a giant red H, the signature of HyperLabs.

Mount Poyo Incident[edit | edit source]

The likely first attack was on October 12th, 2020, when HyperLabs attacked and decimated the entire town of Mount Poyo, the second town of Season 1. The attack started when KirbyIsNess's base was blown up. Following that, a large amount of TNT set on a redstone timer blew up, annihilating nearly the whole town, including Hungry's house, Logan's house, and community structures. After this, KirbyAlmir was at the scene making giant H symbols out of netherack, now known as the signature of HyperLabs, stating that Ness paid him to do this. Everyone believed this was true, due to the enormous evidence pointing at KirbyIsNess, including the H potentially standing for Hallow (The former name of KirbyIsNess). At this point in time, no one really knew who or what blew up Mount Poyo, and KirbyIsNess stayed as the main suspect.

Aftermath of Event[edit | edit source]

After this event, a couple of stuff happened. Mount Poyo was renamed to Bandana Valley, and ownership was given to KirbySSM, who made a team of HungryKirby and HomicidalKirby to make the town into a much prettier and livable place. Two new towns had also been formed, the first was known as Whispey Woods, which was near Bandana Valley (later burnt down by KirbySSM as revenge) and neighboring town Poyoshima (the first town). The other was known as Marx Mountains, which ended up becoming the capital and the most established town in the server.

Hyperlabs Motives Revealed[edit | edit source]

No evidence other than the H's and KirbyIsNess were found, making things went quiet. Suddenly, "H's" where being found everywhere on the server. At that time the H's still only led to Bandana Valley and Hallow Kirby, so people were still weary of the threat that this imposed. After HungryKirby's tower was destroyed, he moved to a new house, close to Marx Mountains but not in it to avoid the Marx Mountain Law. He dubbed this, "The Honey Pot". While living there, a mysterious H and sign were in front of the house one night. The sign invited him to join Hyperlabs and had coordinates listed on it. After going to the coordinates listed, it was discovered to be a trap, and ever since then Hyperlabs has wanted revenge on HungryKirby for denying their invitation.

Potential Suspects[edit | edit source]

  1. ThatGuyOverSea (KirbyIsNess)
  2. SetHStalker (KirbyAlmir)
  3. LoganFunFusion (DragonKirb)
  4. Butter50 (TheButteryKirb)
  5. HungryKirb (HungryKirby)

List of Known Crimes[edit | edit source]

  • Naming The Roaming Wither to "The H was a warning"
  • Blowing up Mount Poyo
  • (Not Confirmed) Stealing houses to make use of as bases

Beyond Season 1[edit | edit source]

As Kirby Gang MC went through its seasons, the active players slowly changed. The active members from Season 1 are almost completely different from the active members of Season 3. HyperLabs made an attempt at being active in Season 1.5, did not exist in Season 2, and became basically a meme in Season 3. While it is possible that the same person/group is still active in the server, it is likely that the group fizzled out after Season 1, and the attacks that followed were impersonators.Even if the group’s members are still active and were responsible for any follow up attacks the following seasons, it is clear HyperLabs had its peak in Season 1, never having another large scale attack in any other season.

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