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SSM Health & Safety is the research division of SSM Corporation. It has recorded numerous information on Kirby Gang members, locations, anomalies, historical events, and special objects. It has also done experiments and research, such as on GenocidalKirby. While owned by KirbySSM, it appears someone else runs the day to day operations, based on SHS File #2. SSM Health & Safety uses software nicknamed "ssmware".[1]

SHS Files[edit | edit source]

SHS Files have detailed information on historical events, as well as special locations, such as Mango Island. Multiple SHS Files have been sent to #kirbgang-lore, but it is unknown how many files there are and whether these files were meant to be public.

SHS Objects[edit | edit source]

Objects contained by the SHS Foundation get a special article that details everything about the particular item. Each object is assigned special containment procedures, as well as a description. GenocidalKirby has been recorded as SHS-9151.

SSM Health Declassified[edit | edit source]

The SSM Health Declassified articles are articles specifically declassified for public viewing. They contain information on Kirby Gang members (referred to as "Entities"). It is unknown if these articles are related to SHS itself, or just SSM Health, but it is assumed to be at least somewhat related.

  • SSM Health Declassified #1: Entity #2862 HungryKirby[5]
  • SSM Health Declassified #2: Entity #7507 MiamozakiKirb[6]
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