Multiple HomicidalKirbys

From Kirby Gang

In the current lore, there are many parallel versions of HomicidalKirby. One of these is REAL HomicidalKirby, which is HomicidalKirby's Twin Brother. They share all knowledge, but behave differently, according to HomicidalKirby

One of the things REAL HomicidalKirby is known for is having a feud with Unofficial HomicidalKirby, which is an outside entity, with no relation to HomicidalKirby or RealHomicidalkirby, and is simply an impostor with the goal of being noticed by Homicidal and maybe even taken in. Some speculate that Unofficial is Homicidal but from another Universe...

MiaKirb is believed to have some relationship with HomicidalKirby, perhaps being an alt or an artificial intelligence.

GenocidalKirby: See GenocidalKirby

Other Homs:

Homicidal Fluff: Homicidal Fluff is an outside entity, not recognized by HomicidalKirby, and is confirmed to be HomicidalKirby from another dimension.

Classic HomicidalKirby: Classic Hom is Homicidal but from the past when he first joined Kirby Gang, similar to Classic KirbySSM

$ddgi Hom is not really a HomicidalKirby but more of something you really shouldn't do

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